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Using 0% Interest To
Pay Off Debt

If you find yourself getting buried by Credit Card Interest and Debt, you can get a new 0% interest card too pay off your existing cards.  Tips and tricks to save and make money.

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Work From Home Ideas

Now days with the economy of our Nation in so much turmoil, many people are finding themselves out of work, with no prospects for the future.  There are full and Part-time opportunities out there for just about anyone.  

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Barter and Trade

More now than ever it has become necessary for people to Trade and Barter goods and services to acquire items that are needed.  Many states, Counties, and towns have groups and communities of people who have created trade and barter organizations to help people meet their basic needs.  

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Saving Money On Food

Tips and tricks on saving money on groceries.  Simple tasty inexpensive recipes to save money and eat well on a budget, or food pantry food.


Ideas To Tighten Your Budget

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Food Preservation

Food has become very, very expensive.  Food waste is no longer affordable, so learning to use and preserve our foods is very important to saving money.  Learning to Freeze, Dehydrate, Freeze Dry, and can could save you a lot of money over a years time.

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