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About Us


Karl and Candace were both born in Wisconsin and have spent most of their lives living there.  They were married in November of 1999 and will soon be celebrating their 24th Wedding Anniversary.  They have two beloved pets, Tina (Teeny) a young stray kitty who showed up on their campers doorstep and refused to leave in August of 2022.  Ivory Bow is their 11 year old Pugkingese, she came to us 5 years ago from family members who could no longer keep her.   Because Karl never had children and both of Candace's children are deceased, you would think they would have no children or grandchildren.  They have 5 surrogate children 4 girls, Tanya, Natalie, Anna, and Sharicka.  They also have 1 surrogate son Edward.  They have 3 grandchildren, Mason, Skylar and Ava, and 1 beautiful great grandson, Wolfe Moon.  

Karl is a Mechanic/Second Shift Manager in Madison Wisconsin.  He has been a Mechanic for over 25 years.  He loves tractors and old engines, he enjoys going to Farm and Tractor Shows, he also likes to take in Tractor Pulls.   He values his family and friends and has often helped people in need.

Candace is an Angel Channeler, and was Ordained as a Reverend in 2005 .  She has been disabled and retired for many years but continues counseling and helping people in need.  Candace has spent much of her life as a scapegoat for narcissists, and is now writing her life story "Hard Lessons Learned".  Candace and Karl have intentionally created a life filled with love, laughter, serenity and peace.  Candace is hoping to help others to learn to create the lives that they truly want, and to let go of what they do not.  They hope that they can help many people to become happier and healthier in their lives.  Please come and join us, to write your new stories.

Family isn't about blood

It is all About LOVE!

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