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Working and Communicating With The Angels

Since I was a very young child, the Angels have been active in my life.  I was the Scapegoat for my Narcissistic Mother and Severely manipulated Father.  I had no friends, love or kindness in my life after the age of 4.  I can't remember anything before the age of 3 but I know that at that age the angels were constantly with me , protecting, loving, and guiding me. They became my constant companions and have been with me throughout my whole life.  Through the years they have taught me to communicate and work with them.  I have learned some very exciting things from them, and they have never failed to protect and assist me in times of need.  The Angels have recently requested that I begin teaching others to work with them, and communicate with them.  So even though I have procrastinated for a long time I am being pushed to get moving and make them available to you.  To start with I will be offering an inexpensive Angel course, the first zoom group class is scheduled for 7:00 PM. Central time on Tuesday August 1st.  I will be offering 2 bi-weekly, 1 hour courses, and 1 additional one-on-one Zoom meeting with you and I, all for the low cost of $10.00 per month.  My prices will be rising in the future so this is your chance to grab this class at the very reduced price.

What Are Some Things That The Angels Can Help Me With?

  1.  Help in Finding lost belongings.

  2.  Giving directions when you are traveling or even just in a store.

  3.  Letting Go or New Beginnings.

  4.  Working through Forgiveness.

  5.  Well Being of Children or Pets.

  6.  Taking Tests or Attending Meetings.

  7.  Money Problems.

  8,  Harmonious relationships.

  9.  Depression or Anxiety.

 10. Empathic or Intuitive Abilities.

  11.  Protection From Negative Energy.

  And Many Other Wonderful Things.  If you are interested in recruiting the aide of your Angels I would love to work with you, and help you to learn to utilize their abilities.

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