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Me surrounded by my daughters.


Hello, Welcome to our Main On-line connection.  This Website has been created in order to bring together all of our different Social Media sites, and to help us to coordinate everything we have going on.  Candace will be offering a Patreon group to help you to communicate and work with your Angels.  Candace has begun writing her traumatic life story "Hard Lessons Learned", and will be sharing it with her loving friends and followers.  Candace has a You Tube Channel where she shares stories and pictures of she and Karl's life together.  Enjoying living in their camper, growing fresh food in their container garden, and watching the wildlife shows and sounds every day.

Thank You So Much,

Karl and Candace Sampson

Promoted Sites

There are a few products, services, or sites that I support and use personally.  If you are a content creator like myself the Drummitup program is very helpful in finding help and support in growing your Community.  Most of these apps have a free program as well as a paid option.







We all have a story to share. Here's an opportunity to introduce yourself and tell users about you. You can include a little bit about your professional history, your personal interests, or how this site came to be. Click to edit the text and make it your own.

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